‘B is for Blobfish’ Competition

Here are 3 colouring in sheets for you and your little ones to doodle and colour. To enter the competiton, post your entries to the andonart facebook page and the winners will get a signed print of the animal they’ve coloured!

Have fun!

blobfish colouring 1


blobfish colouring 2


blobfish colouring 3


Disney Yearbook

Before they were famous….

I always wondered what some of the Disney villains were like at school so I came up with these to start off with. I always imagined Cruella to be like Olivia Newton John, Hook to have been a jock and Hades to be something like Napoleon Dynamite.

If you have any suggestions for more then let me know!

ScreenShot1573 ScreenShot1572 ScreenShot1571

New site

Finally got my act together to update my website after 4 years. Hope you enjoy.