little goldenKevin grew up with a love of books, comics and cartoons which inspired him to draw. Someone once told him that he sees life as a cartoon. And that is pretty ok with Kevin. His artwork always starts with his sketchpad before moving on to digital and his studio is filled with sketches, colours and coffee. He loves bringing ideas to life and, as a primary school teacher, has a keen interest in educational ideas. His first book, ‘B is for Blobfish’, was inspired when planning a science lesson and features a wide range of unusual and unloved animals. Alongside illustration, he writes stories, poems and creates animations and interactive games. He‘s also a town crier and 4th generation Punch and Judy man – Oyez! Oyez!


Clients include:

  • Igloo Books
  • Parragon
  • Silver Dolphin Books
  • Headu
  • The Guardian
  • Stan Lee’s Kids Universe
  • Bookworks LLC
  • Ballon Media
  • Little Muslim Books
  • Little Grace Notes

If you would like to hire Kev for a project of your own please contact his agent, Advocate Art.